Project Summary | Antares Capital OneStream Implementation


challenge The Challenge

Antares Capital chose CompIntelligence as their OneStream implementation partner after recognizing their need for a tool that could calculate loan-specific properties and balances of financial statements, as well as the need for improved executive reporting. They were also looking to improve their processes for consolidations, budgeting, planning, and more.


solution Innovative Solutions, Outstanding Results

The Solutions The Results
Created an industry-specific rollforward engine used to calculate loan-specific properties & balances on the face of the financial statements such as: loan balances, loan origination fees, loan write-offs, etc. Saved days of work by integrating data for the Loan Portfolio in its own Cube, and using the OneStream Calculations Engine to perform complex calculations quickly and easily
Replaced Executive PowerPoint Reporting package by creating Executive BI Reporting Dashboard for the CFO in OneStream Faster, easier, and more dynamic reporting for the Antares CFO to make informed business decisions
Replaced all MD&A reporting dynamically in OneStream using Extensible Docs (with dynamic tagging) MD&A reporting is more dynamic and less labor intensive, especially when changes and updates to the results are required 
Multi-level Driver-based Loan Cube to systematically rollforward the Antares Loan Portfolio and drive the applicable loan properties on Antares budgeted and/or forecasted Financial Statements Improved efficiency for Loan Portfolio rollforwards and Financial Statements
Consolidation & External Reporting (a replacement for manual Excel consolidations)
A more efficient and accurate, and less labor-intensive process for consolidations and external reporting
Budgeting & Planning
The ability to quickly and easily product Quarterly Forecasts and Long-range Planning Reports
Account Reconciliation
Account Recs are performed in the same platform as financial consolidation and reporting, ensuring GL trial balances, consolidated financials, and account reconciliations are always in sync
Bottom-up Cash Flow calculation and automation
Days of time saved by eliminating manual data collection, calculations, and maintenance performed in Excel


About Antares Capital

  • Antares was founded in 1996 with a vision to be a pre-eminent player in private debt. Today with more than $64+ billion of capital under management and administration, Antares is an experienced and cycle-tested alternative asset manager and a leading provider of financing for private equity-backed borrowers.

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