WEbinar Recording

Transform your financial reporting: The key to efficiency, improved visibility & data accuracy

How can an organization efficiently streamline, automate, and simplify both their financial reporting and planning processes? This webinar will explore how Antares Capital leveraged the power of the Azure-based OneStream platform to transform financial reporting - and how you can too! 

We will share how Antares was able to replace their manual Excel-based processes with automated, efficient solutions. This resulted in significant time savings and improved visibility and accuracy of their data. 

With help from implementation partner CompIntelligence, Antares was ultimately able to develop a true single-source platform built to brow with the needs of the organization.

Learn about how Antares Capital was able to achieve the following:

  • Automated their Microsoft Dynamics general ledger integration to the OneStream Azure cloud
  • Built a fully integrated and automated cash flow reporting solution
  • Leveraged OneStream's MarketPlace solutions such as Task Manager and Account Reconciliations to expand visibility around their monthly close and provide improved confidence in their financial statements
  • Replaced manual PowerPoint presentations with a fully functioning Executive BI dashboard using OneStream's BI dashboarding capabilities.