Finance Leaders Framework Outline

86% of CFOs report that their
analytics initiatives are unsatisfactory*


Finance is changing, and smart finance leaders recognize that in order to scale and grow, they need the right technology in place to help them integrate and unify their financial systems.  

Without a consolidated approach to financial reporting and analytics, finance leaders run the risk of scaling limitations, costly reporting errors, and messy data. 

The first step in this unification process is identifying what to look for in a CPM offering.  


This framework will help you think through the components of an integrated financial solution to:

  • Determine if your CPM solution fits your financial reporting needs
  • Access advanced analytics for easier management discussion and analysis
  • Analyze your company's growth and financial position
  • Centralize information, data, and analytics and create one source of truth
  • Ensure adoption of your CPM system among team members

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*FSN’s The Future of Analytics in the Finance Function Global Survey 2020


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